Last Wednesday Alive.☜

very captivating you paint a picture with words

Murder Doll

How does it feel to know you are seconds away from your death but you know there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing to stop it. Nothing to hold on to. All that is out there for you is……. Nothing.

Backtrack to the life of the girl who thought death was mostly for the old and very sick people. To her,tragedies did not exist since everything was perfect,or at least close to it. She had a happy family, friends at school, her iPod because it played all herfavoritemusic. Wednesdays werealways herbestday of the week. It helped her feel the weekend was gettingcloser and also it was Rock Wednesday. That’s why she was up in her room listening to Ashes Of Eden by Breaking Benjamin. Wednesday 27th 2016. She was supposed to be getting ready for school but instead,she was laid up on her bed singing along to…

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